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In Ireland the local pub is a focal point where the people meet to converse with each other, to entertain each other, to share a meal with each other or to celebrate some happy event. The young and the old will go to the same pub to meet their friends & strangers in town will go to meet new friends. We have endeavored to bring to Northern Virginia a flavor of today's Ireland, with a look that presents our most cherished traditional aspects and also allows modern Ireland to speak.

Our menu naturally features many favorite traditional dishes but also reflects contemporary Ireland with its strong European culinary influences. However what the Irish value most in their hospitality is its friendliness.

We strive above all to provide this ingredient so that you, our customer, can experience true Irish hospitality. With warm and friendly service, cozy atmosphere, stylish decor & key Irish staff a visit to O'Faolains is a must for the discerning guest.

So drop by and enjoy a real taste of Ireland........

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